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What is Social CRM and Why Does Your Company Need It?

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On March 8, Omar Rois, one of the founders of Xeerpa, was at Darwin SocialNoise surrounded by the stunning 19th century walls of their offices. He’d come with one purpose: show his audience the sexy side of the acronym CRM. It’s the side that looks each customer in the eye and wants to offer them […]

CRM Trends for 2018

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Last year was full of milestones reached and new challenges for Xeerpa. We’ve been looking forward to the new year for the company and for the entire industry we work in. Something we’ve learned thanks to our work is that it’s the little things that can make the difference. We do our best to do […]

The powerful tool of geolocation for your marketing campaigns

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Without any doubt, the users’ geolocation is one of the most influential factors when talking about trends and vogues. For instance, an affinity report of a company whose users are mostly located in Germany appears different from the one of the UK based targets. During the last few months, many brands have reached us requesting […]

Why do you should start using Marketing Profiling for videogames

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It doesn’t come as a surprise when I say that video games consumers are some of the most tech-savvy and generally corporate marketing aware targets. You only need to take a quick look at the forums to realize that the overall video gamer perfectly understands the way video games companies gather their information and play with […]

6 benefits of merging social data with your CRM

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“Attract and Convert!” is a mantra that echoes through the halls of marketing and sales departments everywhere. It is repeated ad nauseam as if it were a simple, 2-step process where step 1, Attract, magically gives way to step 2, Convert. Abracadabra, just rinse and repeat! But, hang on, what about the countless marketing actions […]

Social Profiling Case Study: How CANAL+ improves the return of their campaigns with Social Profiling

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Marketing actions targeting Real Madrid and FC Barcelona fans CANAL+ has always based their marketing strategies on customer knowledge and understanding. The frequent direct marketing segmentation campaigns that their team launches to customers from their CRM are always carefully done. For this test, we wanted to measure how much more efficient would these campaigns be […]