Integrate Xeerpa with your solutions

Xeerpa offers different integration options through the majority of solutions: BI, CRM, DMP, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Mart and CDP.

Enhance profiles of each of your clients and prospects with more than 400 data points based on their social media activities, scores and aggregated analytics and build the most complete 360º Profile in the world.

Our solution will help you capture first party, high-quality data to get the most out of your marketing and BI platforms.

If you already have cients’ data, such as their transaction history, online behaviour on your Website, and you amplify this information with Social Media Profiling data: likes, hobbies and interests within +250 categories, their lifestyle, interactions with brands and communities,
their posts, comments and hashtag, places they visit and even their personality insights, you’ll be able to take your segmentation and personalisation strategies to a totally new level.

Among other platforms, our clients integrate Xeerpa with:

Xeerpa integrates with Salesforce
Xeerpa integrates with Microsoft
Xeerpa integrates with Oracle
Xeerpa integrates with IBM
Xeerpa integrates with Adobe Marketing Cloud
Xeerpa integrates with Experian
Xeerpa se integra con Siebel
Xeerpa integrates with SAP Hybris
Xeerpa integrates with Emarsys
Xeerpa integrates with Sugar CRM
Xeerpa integrates with Relay42

Choose among different integration options

Integrate Xeerpa with your platforms

Integration with Web Services

  • Xeerpa sends the user data in real time when user logs in.
  • Selected data points are typically sent this way.
  • SOAP and Rest are supported.

Integration with Data Files

  • Xeerpa creates automated export data files, with the frequency requested by the client.
  • All data may be sent in a .zip file to a designated sFTP server.
  • CSV and JSON formats are supported.

API Access

  • Xeerpa also provides an API that can be consulted at any time.

Enrich you clients and leads’ profiles with +400 data points

Build the most advanced User Profile that contains:

  • Conact and sociodemographic data
  • Geolocations and check-ins
  • Likes and affinities in more than 250 categories of interest
  • Brands and communities they follow
  • Posts, comments and hashtags
  • Personality Insights
  • Engagement, influence and promotion score, among other insights.
400 atributos de dato


Socialise your CRM

Engancha a tu CRM Xeerpa para obtener una visión 360 grados de tus clientes combinando la información transaccional y social

La Xeerpa’s API is designed to complement your CRM with social data in order to build and enrich your online content recommendation engine and personalized UX. Xeerpa integrates seamlessly with:

  • CRM platforms
  • Data Warehouse and Data Lake (non-relational)
  • Marketing automation and Campaign Management tools
  • CMS and content marketing tools
  • Mobile applications
  • Social Wi-Fi platforms


Complement your Business Intelligence strategies

Xeerpa provides a social Data Mart able to be connected to your current database and analytics tools. Generate custom reports enriched with smarter algorithms built on social data.

Synchronize your BI platform with Xeerpa through our API o a direct connection to a Relational Database

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