Xeerpa Profile

Xeerpa Profile

Xeerpa Profile compiles all the individual social media information from each one of your fans and customers, synthesized in a single page. The advanced insights based on social media profiling so you can design personalized and segmented marketing strategies and create a truly 360 customer profile in your Social CRM.

Differently from other solutions, Xeerpa Profile provides not only basic socio-demographic information, but also the name, email, age, location or interests of each of your users, based on our unique Big Data technology and our advanced customer analysis techniques, making it easy for your team to identify valuable KPIs both at an individual and at a segment level.


Imagine a new customer, Sarah Smith, has just registered on your website using social login with her Facebook account.

In order to comply with GDPR guidelines, once Sarah accepts the Facebook pop-up giving her consent yo share her profile info, Xeerpa analyses Sarah’s activity in Facebook and creates her profile in a matter of seconds. If Sarah also decided to sign in with her account in Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, Xeerpa would combine each social network’s information, into a single Xeerpa Profile.

The first thing we see in Sarah’s profile are basic details like her name, location, age and date of birth, email and geo-location data. 

Xeerpa’s true potential is displayed with the analysis of Sarah’s interests and hobbies, organised in +200 categories and subcategories ranging from Sports, Motor, Electronics, Fashion, Foods, and many more. Xeerpa Profile displays Sarah’s favourite brands, products, communities and celebrities, offering the most advanced analysis of her preferences

For Example, we can see that Sarah is really into Sports, engines and fashion but she is not that bothered about music and traveling.

Amongst the brands Sara likes, we can see for example that she follows Michael Kors, Pandora and Gucci.



Xeerpa Profile


As you can see Xeerpa Profile provides very useful information that will take your personalization efforts to the next level. But there is even more: you could know if Sarah engages with your brand in Social Media, what impact your communications have on her, whether she is following a competitor or partner and what is her level of influence and engagement with your brand, so you can segment you audience identifying your most engaged customers. Offer them something special, or reach for the more influential ones for a collaboration to extend the impact of your campaigns. 

In addition, Xeerpa Profile integrates Personality Insights by IBM Watson, providing an extended profile of her personality traits. So if you are looking for adventurous or impulsive customers, you can simply create a segment based on these traits.

Furthermore, this unique profiling includes all the locations where a user checked-in or posted from, pinned on a map with the exact dates and lication details. Create precise segments based on these locations to truly empower your geo-marketing-based campaigns. 

As you can see, Xeerpa allows you to complement your CRM and Data Lake costumer profiles with all the details from the users’ Social Media profiles, truly turning it into a Social CRM platform. Increase the ROI of your campaigns, it’s never been easier to personalise them at this level.

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