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How well do you really know your fans, customers and prospects? Are you able to tell what type of music a specific client listens to? His or her favorite restaurant? What really moves this person? Whether they are into fashion, gardening, or basketball? Did you know that it is now actually possible to identify all these specific traits for each of your users?

Xeerpa’s Social login and Xeerpa’s social media profiling makes it not just possible, but also easy to access all this information. With Xeerpa Profile you can access to all these specific characteristics about each individual that uses social login to sign in or register on your website, app, promo, landing page or even WiFi – with their favorite social network.

Always under user consent and following all GDPR guidelines, Xeerpa analyses and organises the social media profile information in order to create a 360º view profile for each user that interacts with your digital channels.

Xeerpa’s intuitive and detailed Dashboard shows you all the individual profiles and also segment analytics, so your marketing team can provide a more personalized approach in your communications with your audiences.

One of the most important features in Xeerpa Profile is our unique classification of user interests, with more than 300 categories and subcategories such as Fashion, Gastronomy, Electronics, Sports and more, – analyzing how much interest each user has towards each of these topics. Plus you could create your own ones, defining new categories based on your buyer personas.

With Xeerpa Dasboards you can analyse segments and also get into the detail of any specific user, perhaps a brand Ambassador or Micro-Influencer. Let’s say we have new customer, Lucy, who has just registered on your website with her Facebook account.

Imagine you also provide social login with Instagram in one of your promotional landing pages, and Lucy signs in to participate in order to win a prize; Xeerpa recognizes Lucy’s Instagram profile and combines all her Instagram information with her previous Facebook information, into a single Xeerpa Profile. In her profile we can see that she is into rock music, going to the movies and watching TV shows, but she is not that bothered about beauty or sports. She does seem to like technology and computers.

As you can tell, social data may also be at the centre of your DMP and Marketing Automation strategies too. Data Management Platforms help you build customer segments based on demographic data, browsing behavior, location and more. However DMP data is anonymous, the segments could be more precise and the campaigns more effective if we actually had real identities.

We can identify the specific brands, communities or celebrities Lucy likes. For example, we can see she follows brands such as Apple or Amazon and that some of her favourite bands include Guns’n’Roses and Iron Maiden.

As you can see, Xeerpa Profile provides very useful information that will take your personalization efforts to the next level.

But there is even more: Does Lucy Follow and engage with your brand in social media? What impact your communications have on her? Does she share or comment on your content? Is she perhaps following a competitor or a partner?

Xeerpa Profile also classifies users according to their influence and engagement with your brand. This way you can segment your audience identifying your most engaged customers, perhaps offering them something special. Or reach the most influential ones for a collaboration.

The information includes their personality traits, by integrating IBM’s Watson Personality Insights Looking for the most adventurous and impulsive customers to offer them a fancy holiday package? Simply create a segment based on these traits.

Speaking of travel and going back to Lucy, Xeerpa Profile also helps you identify the places she checked-in or posted from, displaying very detailed information on a map. How far are users from your stories? Which other cities or countries do the go to? Have they been at a competitor’s? All of these locations are pinned on a map with the exact dates, so you can also take into consideration this information for your geo-marketing-based campaigns.


These are just some of the many insights you can obtain with Xeerpa Profile. Let us know if you’d like to have a closer look with personalized demo or watch this video.

Written by Miriam
Miriam is Xeerpa’s Content Creator. On her free time you would find her making photos, theatre and dancing.

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