Beauty & Cosmetics

Beauty & Cosmetics

Xeerpa offers key benefits for the Beauty & Cosmetics Industry:

  • Identify Brand Ambassadors and Top Influencers amongst your own customers and fans
  • Identify Beauty and Fashion fans, their lifestyle habits or the stores they visit
  • Improve segmentation in your CRM, Campaign Manager and DMP
  • Hyper-segment emailing campaigns and Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Impact users that have engaged with specific posts or products
  • Qualify DMPs to boost the efficiency of programmatic advertising

Thanks to Xeerpa our strategy for segmentation based on monetary and social values have become more meaningful. Now, not only can we can measure social value within our website, but across social networks with our customers and prospects. The main goal is to increase purchasing and detect ambassadors that will help us convince others.

Rosina Alvarez-Cascos, Executive Director Global Programs, Shiseido Americas

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