From its subsidiary in Spain, Shiseido is leading a very ambitious CRM project which has let them achieve a very rich and advanced knowledge of their customers and prospects. The points of sale collect purchasing information and their website measures participation levels from its visitors (content viewing and sharing, taking part in conversations…). This way Shiseido have been able to segment Club members in order to provide personalised communications.

At the same time their community of fans in Facebook have been continously growing, with over 70,000 followers at this time in Spain. By connecting Xeerpa’s Big Data technology to their applications in Facebook and to their Social Login in their website, Shiseido have been able to understand the different interests, social influence and engagement levels of each of their fans.

The next challenge was to integrate both databases: the loyalty club’s CRM with the social data provided by Xeerpa. The coming together of the social with the transactional, finally a 360º customer profile and prospect profile. An integrated pool of data and insights that integrates all information data sources, including data generated from the social networks. In other words, real Social CRM.

But, what are the real advantages for Shiseido? The advantages, for any business, to combine the social data that Xeerpa can generate with the transactional you may already have are vast. You can have a look at this post where we analyse them: 6 reasons to complement your crm with social media data.

At Xeerpa, we are very proud to have helped Shiseido achieve their goals in this pioneer program which is now going to be extended globally to the other countries where Shiseido operates. Find out the success case of Shiseido: