Xeerpa Insights

Xeerpa Insights

Obtaining more data and useful information about your customers is key in any customer-centric strategy. Xeerpa helps you obtain an important part of the 360º Customer Profile: the social media activity and interactions of each user.

But just obtaining the data would not be enough; data needs to be turned into useful information and KPIs that can be used in the personalization of campaigns, as well as in the generation of important insights that will help you better understand the person who will be at the center of your strategy, the client.

Xeerpa Insights consists of a series of reports that you will receive on a regular basis, which are designed so that you can discover what you did not know about your users and audiences, in many cases helping you confirm or disprove preconceived ideas you might have had about them.


Gender distribution or location such as the city and the country they live in are some of the basic information Xeerpa can cover.

Xeerpa Insights - Report about sociodemographic distribution


Xeerpa Insights - Report about distribution of interests

Which brands are favourite amongst your users?

  • Top affinities: hobbies and interests that stand out in your customers’ preferences, precisely organised in Xeerpa in more than 300 categories.
  • Top likes: brands, communities, products and celebrities that your users ‘like’ or follow most.
  • Top affinity likes: Just counting how many users like a particular brand might only tell you half the story: How these affinities actually compare with the average social media user? Is it normal that half my users like a particular brand, or is this something special about my customers? With Xeerpa you can compare your audiences with our Benchmark so you truly know where to stand.

As you can see, this information will be very useful in order to segment more precisely your clients, and generate a much more personalized content for them.

For example, you could know how many of your followers are interested on Four Season hotel in London or which events or influencers you could sponsor.


Xeerpa Insights gives you a clear view of what really makes your users tick. For example, rankings of which segments are the most relevant for them, both by affinity and by volume, so you can tailor adequate content accordingly.

Xeerpa Insights - Report about Segments of users


Are your communication strategies achieving more engagement from users? Which users, exactly? Are there other groups that are not really engaging at all? Learn their preferences and interest so you can offer them relevant content that will make them more aware of your brand.


With Xeerpa Insights you can compare segments to figure out what they have in common, or where do they differ.

Xeerpa Insights - Report about Comparison between segments


Xeerpa Insights - Report about Analysis of users' Engagement

Do you know which specific segments tend to interact more with the content you publish in Facebook? Discover what types of profiles interact with your content, as well as those who do not.

Analyse which users share your posts, or comment on them; even those who show a sad or happy face. With Xeerpa you can create audiences based on these interactions and communicate more effectively with each group.

Would like to find out more?

These have been only some examples of the information that Xeerpa Insights can provide, but there is more. Get in touch to find out more and tell us about your current analytical requirements, let Xeerpa Insights provide you with the intelligence you are looking for in order to fuel your customer-centric strategies.


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