The renowned Japanese Brand has just launched the #WASOBeautyInside campaign, an extremely exciting artificial intelligence project in which Xeerpa has been involved. Shiseido, as part of its strategic plan regarding WASO, its new natural care line for younger skin, is using the Social Network Profiling technology to obtain interior beauty portraits of Shiseido fans.

Innovation is nowadays essential for beauty brands such as Shiseido. Using technologies to achieve a greater connection and interaction with consumers is almost mandatory in the competitive environment where collaboration with influencers and product sampling are not enough anymore. Xeerpa is the perfect solution to discover much more about the interests of consumers through its innovative technology.


One-to-one analysis

Shiseido is strongly committed to searching for natural and authentic beauty. That’s why the company has focused on analyzing over 350 parameters associated with its users’ Facebook profiles. This information provided by Xeerpa’s technology, together with a psychological test on the site, will result in a wide array of unique data about each of the Shiseido fans.

This unique information about Shiseido fans’ personalities can be obtained from an exhaustive analysis of their activity in Social Media. Their life experiences, the causes they identify themselves with, their likes and dislikes, the people they interact with, the countries they have visited lately, the pictures of their meals or the way they communicate with their loved ones are just some of the features that define the inner beauty of a person.


#WasoBeautyInside: discovering inner beauty

What defines a person’s inner world? Based on this premise, Shiseido has relied on Xeerpa to develop a pioneering campaign in the beauty industry, #WASOBeautyInside. Through the interactive platform, combined with Artificial Intelligence processes developed by IBM Watson, users can obtain a personalized portrait of their inner beauty through a graphic representation full of colors, shapes and nuances.

This campaign is also supported by audiovisual content starring actress and model Alba Galocha, in which she reflects the concept of #WasoBeautyInside

Xeerpa and Shiseido

But… how did it all start? Shiseido was one of the first companies to trust Xeerpa. In 2014, the brand began to collect and analyse social network profiles of the members of their loyalty club Ginza.

As pioneers in the incorporation of a Social CRM in the beauty industry, the company integrated its loyalty club CRM with the social data provided by Xeerpa to create a detailed 360º view of each user’s profile.

After achieving amazing results in multiple campaigns, the Japanese company decided to use Social Network Profiling for its new WASO brand launching campaign, in order to coordinate various actions such as promotions in stores, impacting influencers and Facebook campaigns.

Xeerpa and Shiseido’s collaboration has led to strategic excellence in many of its corporate actions. Nowadays, cosmetics is one of the most powerful industries in terms of marketing, and such a fantastic company trusting Xeerpa and enjoying the benefit of users’ analysis makes us feel really proud.