Fashion is all about what people are saying, doing, and, of course, wearing. A fashion company that’s not keeping one or two eyes on the street isn’t worth its salt but sometimes the day-to-day business keeps us looking at screens, pictures, or only up at the stars. And one can’t spend all day people watching. So here’s where Xeerpa’s big data SaaS marketing solution steps in.

It gives brands the keys to the social universe of their customers, their fans, and their prospects, letting CRM managers take a closer look at the information they share through their social networks like Facebook and Twitter. There’s no need to have someone on a bench on 5th Avenue or going to the hottest parties; we can help you glean information from the comfort of your rolling office chair from an infinitely larger sample.

How can Xeerpa help a clothing company tweak its relationship management and get a better look at what its customers want and need? By identifying brand ambassadors and top influencers from your fans and customers to engage them in doing some of your marketing heavy lifting and by cherry-picking the content and partners that best fit your audience to not waste your breath. By fine-tuning your segmentation to get types together and hyper-segmenting emailing campaigns to not bother people who just aren’t interested. By impacting users who engage with specific products or posts and by qualifying your DMP to amplify your programmatic advertising.

We recently had the pleasure of working with which brings together top fashion, celebrities, looks, hairstyles, and beauty posts. StyleLovely wanted to leverage on their readers’ social data to gain a 360º view of their fans and with Xeerpa’s tool, they are building up a social CRM with one-to-one user profiles, putting them under the social analytics microscope and then creating surgically-defined marketing campaigns.

StyleLovely has connected Xeerpa’s analytics engine to their app and promotion campaigns through Cool-Tabs to delve into their visitors’ interests, hobbies, likes, influence, engagement, and affinity with their favorite brands. After sifting through this information, StyleLovely could pick out their most valuable customers, the people who were doing a great job with their brand, their top prospects, and then hone their campaigns. It was all of matter of using the information smartly.

It didn’t take long for their approach to start bearing fruit. Their email campaigns’ open rates have increased exponentially and their fan base has surged and with it their engagement. In the future, Xeerpa will allow StyleLovely to tally a brand affinity score and micro-segment their CRM database to focus their e-commerce and their showroom.

StyleLovely ran a sampling campaign for a luxury fashion brand whose goal was to identify qualified leads through Facebook social login on the promo page and by engaging influencers. In just two days, they had double the leads they’d thought they’d have and in just a week, they had 400% more than their initial estimate. Their cost per lead was minute and the information from the reports, nearly priceless.

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