Fashion & Apparel

Fashion & Apparel

We used Xeerpa’s tool in a promotion campaign aimed to obtain qualified leads for one of our luxury fashion clients. The results surpassed our expectations not only because we achieved the required number of leads via social login in record time, but also due to the valuable insights we gained thanks to Xeerpa’s manager for future campaigns.

Antonio Mañas, CEO


Xeerpa helps clothing, footwear and accessories brands to enrich their client’ transactional information with the data on hobbies, interests and lifestyle, so as to improve customer experience online and offline. We also help to identify the most relevant influencers and brand ambassadors within your own clients’ database. Our experience has shown that profile capturing campaigns tend to be very productive in the fashion industry.

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Xeerpa offers key benefits for the Fashion & Apparel Industry:

  • Identify Top Value Clients, Influencers and Brand Ambassadors amongst your brands and clients.
  • Identify users with high interest in beauty trends, fashionistas, distinguishing subsegments such as shoe-lovers, complements-lovers, bag-lovers etc.
  • Improve segmentation in your CRM, BI platform and DMP.
  • Identify parents interested in clothing for children.
  • Look into users that follow your competitors’ brands.
  • Find out which retailers your customers are most engaged with.
  • Monitor the map of geolocations to identify geographic areas most visited by your fans.
  • Hyper-segment emailing campaigns and enhance Facebook Custom Audiences.
  • Impact users that have engaged with specific posts or products.
  • Find out what fashion magazines and blogs your customers engage with.
  • Identify contents, influencers and partners that best fit your audience.
  • Find out personality insights such as self-consciousness, excitement-seeking, creativity…
  • Analyse the interaction with the content of your brands in social media (likes, shares, reactions) and calculate the engagement score of each user.

Find out how is using Xeerpa in the following success case:

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