Why do you need a Buyer Persona profile?

Every brand has an approximation of its ideal customer, the one more likely to purchase their products. The more precisely defined this persona’s characteristics are, the more effective marketing and sales strategies will be.

Defining with precision the most accurate buyer persona will have a great impact in the performance of your marketing, sales and loyalty strategies, so this is a key task for all marketing and sales teams.

A detailed definition of a buyer persona will not only give you an indication of your most likely customers, but it will help you find them and personalize your communications towards them so they convert into happy and loyal customers easier.

Many times when we launch a new product we have a certain buyer persona in mind; perhaps based on historical sales performance of similar products, or simply because we just think people with those characteristics will definitely purchase our service or product.

However, we may be wrong in our intuition. This is why getting to know your actual customers characteristics is key for more accurately defining your buyer persona and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. We therefore need data and information that helps us identify what type of customers are actually purchasing our products, beyond the previous preconceptions we could have had when launching the product.

How do you create your Buyer Persona?

The key when creating an efficient buyer persona profile is to get as close as you can to identifying those consumer behaviors, preferences and lifestyle that seem to be common among your current customers, so you can more easily identify new prospects with similar features.

So, the first step when creating a buyer persona is to collect and analyses as much data as possible from your existing customers, in order to learn about what makes them unique.

Usually when brands create a buyer persona, they gather socio-demographic and sales data from people who purchased some of their products. However, companies with advanced marketing strategies are already taking advantage of Social Media Profiling when identifying key elements in the clients’ profiles and behavior that will help them improve the efficiency and accuracy of their most likely prospects.

Xeerpa helps marketing teams analyses individual user profiles and interactions with brands in social media when they connect with your website or app using Social Login. Always under user consent and following GDPR guidelines, Xeerpa creates a very detailed social media profile that complements the CRM and Data Lake information you already have, in order to help you create a highly precise buyer persona for each of your products and services.

The importance of Social Data in the creation of your Buyer Persona

With Xeerpa and Social Login you can leverage social media in order to identify important information about the lifestyle, preferences, visited places, comments and interactions with other brands from your clients, information that would be difficult to obtain otherwise.

Xeerpa’s unique Social Media Profile will help you not only analyses users individually, but to create advanced segmentation and audiences according to a great variety of categories and KPIs; allowing you to personalize your communications and improve conversion rates, increasing sales, etc.

At last you can truly create an individual 360 º profile for each of your customers, which in turn will help you define the most accurate buyer persona for your product or service.

Written by Miriam
Miriam is Xeerpa’s Content Creator.

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