Over the past few weeks everybody’s inboxes have been flooded with emails from companies asking for consent to keep users’ data in their databases, in compliance with the new EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Most people just ignored them and deleted them, right? For us marketeers, brushing off those emails seemed like the end of the world. 

Companies which haven’t received updated consent, the ones who got the fateful delete or the disdainful ignore, need to clean out their CRMs, putting their database through a crash diet. But one can’t stop contacting customers and prospects, can we? So that means we need to start building our databases again, almost from scratch, this time with full consent.

Before panic sets in, trust that there could be a positive side to this. As consumers, we can rest assure that our data will now certainly be handled responsibly by companies; As companies, we need to up our game and really offer valuable content to our customers – content well worth the hassle of registering for again. And a great way of making the registration process as easy and seamless as possible is Social Login. It not only makes it easier for a customer to sign in and give their consent, especially on their mobile phones, but they may be more receptive to doing it. Nobody likes filling out forms so the faster and more agile the process is, the more people will do it. And with Social Login it’s just a one-two tap-tap with your thumbs and voilá!

But Social Login offers much more than this: for users, it’s a much easier way to register; For companies, it’s a great opportunity to really get to know your customers much better, through the information they consent to share with you from their social media profiles: interests and hobbies, favourite products and brands, visited places… Xeerpa structures all this data, helping companies qualify customers and prospects so you can offer them a truly personalised experience with your brand.

Social Login can help you rebuild your database faster, providing a whole new dimension of quality and consented information to your database. Learn more about the advantages of using Social Login here.