If you’re working at a café, a restaurant, a music venue, clothing store, you name it, you’re bound to get asked at least 10 times during a shift, “Hi, do you guys have Wi-Fi?”. Of course you do, everybody has Wi-Fi, or just about it would seem, and consumers are clamoring for it.

This is especially true at spots where people outside of their national carrier’s range might be, and by that I mean international travelers. Any hotel manager knows that these days: Wi-Fi is a basic service that visitors want for free. Everyone on vacation wants to quickly upload their pictures and send them to friends and family when they get back to their lodging dusty, tired, ecstatic, and footsore after a long day exploring. And they want it at not extra cost, they already spent far too much on bottles of water.

Anywhere tourists may be, Wi-Fi must be there with them. Transport companies operating buses, trains, and airlines are also seeing how free Wi-Fi is being positively demanded by travelers. Stadiums, public buildings, malls and even some supermarkets have jumped on the free Wi-Fi bandwagon to improve customer experience.

This service isn’t free for the company providing it, naturally. Hiring an ISP, getting a wireless network that reaches every confine of your premises, and maintaining the system over time has a cost. A business has to look to its bottom-line and try to obtain a benefit from any investment. If you’re not going to charge your customers for it and you can’t do that, there has to be a better way.

Xeerpa has a recommendation: Social Wi-Fi hotspot with social login. Free internet access over Wi-Fi isn’t just highly tempting, sometimes it’s a downright necessity for travelers. That means users are more than willing to provide their data and we’re seeing a spike in social login at the Social Wi-Fi connections provided by some of our customers at their hotels, cafés, retail outlets, or events.

This data capture system is so efficient and so simple that some of the integrations have allowed brands to receive tens of thousands of users in a few short months. It is so versatile it can integrate promotions from any online platform as login to add a pinch more of incentive to use social login to register to use the internet.

Our new LOC feature allows brands to send us the coordinates of the user when they log in in real time, generating a geolocation on the user file’s map. When users get online at a festival or music venue to send their friends videos from the concert, the brand automatically has a huge source of data that is extremely reliable and valid. Airports and train stations, with all their coming and going bustle, visitors and residents alike, are also great places to offer Social Wi-Fi with social login. Thousands of people pass through them daily and many have layovers or long waits between connections where they’d love to connect to the internet. Not only love to, they expect they will and be able to.

Companies that take their users’ experience and loyalty as key to their campaigns have leapt at this chance to get know their customers like they were their best friends to offer them only the products and services that they would like. Why bombard potential customers with blanket promotions when you can offer them a glass slipper that’s just their size?

Post by Fernando G. Azpiazu
Fernando is our Support Manager. He is passionate about technology, videogames and unable to work without background music. A gifted writer, he can create an exciting story around both software integration and the latest music festival he attended.