The registration and sign-in forms in our websites are very important places where we welcome our online customers and users. A carefully designed user experience is key to attract them and keep them coming to our contents, just as it is in the physical world to keep our business reception in an attractive and efficient way. In reality however, we often find apps or websites that present the user with heavy forms to fill-in, with redundant information at times.

Why is Social Login important

It is key to make it easy for the user whilst, at the same time, gather as much information as possible in the process, without penalizing user experience. The information we can obtain from this process will help us later on to personalise our marketing actions, improving their efficiency and increasing their ROI.

These are the main reasons why Social Login is becoming such a good practise, already being used in many websites that have clearly improved customer experience. Just as importantly, when combined with tools like Xeerpa, Social Login also provides key information that companies can use to complement the CRM profile of these users, thus adding the “social” layer to the already rich transactional information.


User experience is now multi-channel

There was a time when a Brand just had a single point of digital interactivity with their users. Today, a user can sign in from multiple spaces:

– In the various websites a Brand may have or, for a group, their various Brands’ websites
Promotional websites, microsites, loyalty programs or gamification initiatives
– Fanpages in the social networks
Mobile apps

All these digital initiatives can become a headache when it comes to obtaining homogeneous pieces of information regardless of the source. It is therefore a key issue when designing efficient CRM strategies.

Advantages of universal login in the crm strategies

A Universal Login is the solution

A Universal Login is a web page or widget that acts as a single point of entry to our many digital initiatives: website(s) registration/sign in, promos in social networks, apps for mobile devices…

This Universal Login page is connected to our customer knowledge platforms (CRM, DWH, Campaign Manager…) and provides three key benefits:

Homogeneous source of information, since there is a common form for all initiatives
– Enormous simplification of the user registration and identification processes, facilitating the flow of information into the CRM
– We only need 1 social app for each social network

Companies like Grupo Prisa or Mahou San Miguel are already taking advantage of all the potential that Universal Login provides, making it key within their digital user experience and CRM strategies.

Post by Omar
Omar is one of Xeerpa’s cofounders. With a serious passion for digital marketing, if he’s not in the office he’s riding around Madrid on his bike.