It doesn’t come as a surprise when I say that video games consumers are some of the most tech-savvy and generally corporate marketing aware targets. You only need to take a quick look at the forums to realize that the overall video gamer perfectly understands the way video games companies gather their information and play with sales estimations to schedule their launches and program the way they release their titles.

We are certainly not talking about some naive easy consumers who will click-bait any link in a cold e-mail here. When it comes to video games, we are not dealing with some reliant buyers who instantly trust and internalize the news the video games publishers post on their websites. The gaming community can sometimes be a very hard nut to crack, and that’s one of the most interesting things in this great industry. You really feel that you have accomplished a difficult task when the outcoming numbers are higher than expected.

But they are not always that great, are they? We all saw the highest rates of refund requests in history for No Man’s Sky because of the unfulfilled expectations. We all read and felt the enormous disappointment in the forums after the announcement of the lack of a single player campaign in StarWars: Battlefront. A paid Diablo III DLC just to get one old character from the previous titles of the franchise, when the game’s online community was almost non-existent? What happened there?

It’s pretty obvious that sometimes, the product managers could be more aware of the overall online consideration about their decisions. And those mistakes can cost a company not only a huge amount of time, effort and ultimately money, but also the trust of a very picky and rancorous public. But how can they know what the potential consumers privately think, talk and feel about their titles? How can they quantify any interest if the only data they have about their fans in their CRMs are the titles they have bought and some basic contact details? That’s where Marketing Profiling for videogames comes into play.

Imagine that, through a Social Login, you can obtain a detailed report of what all your users like, publish, share, comment. Let’s say that you can segment those users by their interest in the different videogames categories or titles, and also by gender, age, location. Figure that you can gather all their comments filtered by keywords, and research their interactions with your upcoming games fanpages, get insight on which users have more influence among their followers, and, moreover, be able to quantify their engagement with your titles, or even with your Studio, so that you can then analyze what they really think and share about your next launch announcements with their friends. Wouldn’t that be quite useful?

In Xeerpa, we definitely think it is, and that’s why we have developed a sophisticated cutting-edge technology which provides companies with such versatile features and is revolutionizing the way some of the biggest Spanish and international companies devise their marketing strategies.

Because not all leads are created equal, we have brought to life the ability to personalize and customize every single marketing approach through an easy and intuitive interface. With demonstrable experience in high e-mail opening and conversion rates increments, we can proudly say that we have found a way to surpass the strict filters of the reluctant members of those amazing communities.

Post by Fernando G. Azpiazu
Fernando is our Support Manager. He is passionate about technology, videogames and unable to work without background music. A gifted writer, he can create an exciting story around both software integration and the latest music festival he attended.