Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

The Big Data analysis provided by Xeerpa allowed us to take our user´s segmentation to the next level: we are now talking about nanosegmentation of marketing actions for our target audience.

Blanca Perez-Sauquillo, Deputy Head of Marketing


Xeerpa helps airlines and other companies specialized on transportation of passengers, as we as hotel chains and travel agencies to obtain a better knowledge of their clients to personalize their experiences online and offline, as well as attract new prospects, qualify them, convert and generate loyalty.

Turespaña - Travel & Tourism

Xeerpa offers key benefits for the Travel & Tourism Industry:

  • Improve segmentation in your CRM, BI and DMP.
  • Analyse the places, cities and countries your users visit, and how often.
  • Understand the contents are most likely to engage with, based on their individual interests and hobbies.
  • Identify Top Value Clients, Influencers and Brand Ambassadors amongst your brands and clients.
  • Hyper-segment emailing campaigns and enhance Facebook Custom Audiences.
  • Differentiate between residents, foreign and national visitors; business travellers and families on vacation.
  • Detect travel patterns, such as transportation companies, destinations, frequency, budget.
  • Segment users by cultural preferences, such as interest in museums, movies, fashion, gastronomy and urban tourism.
  • Monitor the interests of your competitors’ followers.
  • Identify users that have pets.
  • Identify the right partners based on users’ preferences.
  • Evaluate consumer behaviour based on personality insights, such as activity level, adventurousness, excitement-seeking.
  • Analyse the interaction with the content of your brands in social media (likes, shares, reactions) and calculate the engagement score of each user.

Find out how TURESPAÑA is using Xeerpa in the following success case:

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