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Social Media Profiling in Casual Dining and Fast Food

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Say you’re a restaurant or coffee shop like Burger King or Starbucks. Your fans are multitude and they know you, everything you publish about yourself, but do you really know who sits at your table? Are you looking at what they publish? You have a relationship with them but it’s a bit one-directional. Social media […]

World Cup Fever. World Cup Marketing.

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Companies throw everything they’ve got at World Cup Marketing: this year the audiences are estimated at 3 billion people. The 2014 World Cup was the most tweeted about event in Twitter history. It is the time to move their brands and interact with customers through social media. Brands from across the spectrum have produced ads […]

Advantages of universal login in the crm strategies

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The registration and sign-in forms in our websites are very important places where we welcome our online customers and users. A carefully designed user experience is key to attract them and keep them coming to our contents, just as it is in the physical world to keep our business reception in an attractive and efficient […]

Xeerpa selected finalist at BBVA Open Talent 2014

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Great news arrived, Xeerpa has been selected finalist at the BBVA Open Talent 2014, in the Europe category, from over 870 projects in total from around the world, so no pressure! This international competition is held by Centro de Innovación BBVA. Over 120 experts have selected 60 finalists, competing in various groups: BBVA Open Talent […]

Shiseido’s 360º customer profile

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From its subsidiary in Spain, Shiseido is leading a very ambitious CRM project which has let them achieve a very rich and advanced knowledge of their customers and prospects. The points of sale collect purchasing information and their website measures participation levels from its visitors (content viewing and sharing, taking part in conversations…). This way […]

Let’s talk about CRM and social media data

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Before we start, many thanks for tuning in and welcome to our blog! In this space we’ll talk about those things we know the most about: CRM and social media data, or “Customer Insights“, the knowledge about the person who purchases your products or consume your services. It’s been a while since we started working […]