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Webinar on demand LaLiga Tech | Xeerpa: Building the most advanced Fan Profile

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In this online session on how Sports Organizations can build the most advanced 360 view of fans we had the pleasure to have Olivia Archanco, Consumer Strategy Director at LaLiga Tech, together with our Global Partnerships Director and co-founder Andrés Mercader, who shared how sports organizations can build the most advanced fan profile, the Fan […]

Webinar on demand: Salesforce Latin America and Xeerpa

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In case you haven’t attended our Webinar with Salesforce Latin America, feel free to watch the recording. This video explains how the joined solutions of Salesforce y Xeerpa help achieve the main marketing must-do’s of successful companies: build trust, connect data and transform the way they interact with their customers. To make this happen, we […]

New subcategories of interest: Milkshakes, Golf, Carribbean, NYC

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At Xeerpa we never stop adding new categories of interest so that our clients can create even more sophisticated segmentations. We’ve recently added 4 new categories to the list of interests that already has approximately 300 variables:   MILKSHAKES – to amplify the list of  40+ subcategories within the group Food and Soft Drinks.   […]

A 360º view of your Clients

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  • Xerepa Profile a 360º view of your clients

How well do you really know your fans, customers and prospects? Are you able to tell what type of music a specific client listens to? His or her favorite restaurant? What really moves this person? Whether they are into fashion, gardening, or basketball? Did you know that it is now actually possible to identify all […]

The road to a good quality CRM

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Can you trust your CRM data? Do you, by any chance, have quite a few users in your CRM that were born in Afghanistan, on the 1st of January, 1900s? Unless your company is truly based in Afghanistan, you have probably come to the conclusion that users registering in your website are just selecting the […]

Xeerpa Engagement: analysing users’ interactions with your social media content

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One of the main goals of Social Media strategy for marketing teams is generating engagement, or in other words, encouraging users to interact with its brands’ social media content through Likes, comments, shares, etc. Our new functionality Xeerpa Engagement is designed to accurately measure these interactions, which will allow brands to calculate this engagement score […]

Webinar On Demand: Personality Insights & Social Media Profiling

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Click here to watch the video of the webinar (Available in Spanish) Log in to watch the video of the webinar Before accepting, you must read our Social Privacy Policy, where you will find detailed information about the type of personal data we would process, the purposes for which they would be used and other […]

Social Media Profiling in Casual Dining and Fast Food

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Say you’re a restaurant or coffee shop like Burger King or Starbucks. Your fans are multitude and they know you, everything you publish about yourself, but do you really know who sits at your table? Are you looking at what they publish? You have a relationship with them but it’s a bit one-directional. Social media […]

World Cup Fever. World Cup Marketing.

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Companies throw everything they’ve got at World Cup Marketing: this year the audiences are estimated at 3 billion people. The 2014 World Cup was the most tweeted about event in Twitter history. It is the time to move their brands and interact with customers through social media. Brands from across the spectrum have produced ads […]