Can you trust your CRM data?

Do you, by any chance, have quite a few users in your CRM that were born in Afghanistan, on the 1st of January, 1900s?

Unless your company is truly based in Afghanistan, you have probably come to the conclusion that users registering in your website are just selecting the first option available in the country list.

Users tend to be lazy. Surveys and registration forms are usually filled-in with the first available option, or plainly incorrect information.

Unless we’re deeply and immensely interested in what we’re signing in for- we’ll choose the easiest and quickest way to proceed. Indeed, we may provide a correct email address (after all, we do want to be notified if we won a prize), but that might be just it.

Thus, businesses end up with a great amount of fake and incorrect data in their CRMs. Sounds familiar?

Also, due to theGDPR regulation implemented in May 2018 you might have ended up with quite a few empty slots in your CRM because the appropriate consents hadn’t been collected at the time.

But don’t despair. Luckily for businesses, there is another way for users to register on your website, app, promo page or WiFi hotspot: Social Login.

Social login: the ally your were looking for

Social Login helps you leverage the potential that Social Media has to offer in terms of better understanding the interests and passions of your users, so you can provide a greater personalization and experience with your brand.

At the same time, your customers benefit from a much quicker and familiar way of registration and sign in, since they don’t have to remember yet another password or fill-in a long registration form, specially when using a phone.

In our experience, this is true for about 40 to 70% of the users, who prefer social login to email/password registration.

Getting your crm to the next level

Social Login is already being implemented by the most advanced companies, which take seriously not only better understanding their customers’ preferences, but also providing them with a much quicker, easier and personalized experience. This translates into a more accurate CRM, filled with useful data

With Social Login and Xeerpa your can truly transform your CRM into a Social CRM, with more complete and useful information about each customer and prospect. You can also enrich your Data Lake with a new source of information, Social Media, that will greatly enhance all your customer-centric strategies and sales strategies can be more personalized and effective. , making them more effective.

Written by Miriam
Miriam is Xeerpa’s Content Creator

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