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A 360º view of your Clients

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  • Xerepa Profile a 360º view of your clients

How well do you really know your fans, customers and prospects? Are you able to tell what type of music a specific client listens to? His or her favorite restaurant? What really moves this person? Whether they are into fashion, gardening, or basketball? Did you know that it is now actually possible to identify all […]

Xeerpa Connect

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Xeerpa Connect Social Media is the modern and most popular communications channel, therefore the information we obtain through Social Login is very important when creating a communications strategy. Today, most customers (83%) like to be recognized when visiting their regular websites. Add the fact that the majority of users sign in to a website from […]

The road to a good quality CRM

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Can you trust your CRM data? Do you, by any chance, have quite a few users in your CRM that were born in Afghanistan, on the 1st of January, 1900s? Unless your company is truly based in Afghanistan, you have probably come to the conclusion that users registering in your website are just selecting the […]

Creating the ideal Buyer Persona profile

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Why do you need a Buyer Persona profile? Every brand has an approximation of its ideal customer, the one more likely to purchase their products. The more precisely defined this persona’s characteristics are, the more effective marketing and sales strategies will be. Defining with precision the most accurate buyer persona will have a great impact […]


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Motor Xeerpa helps automotion and motor companies to obtain a better knowledge of their prospects, fans and end users, facilitating further highly segmented campaigns directed to each specific group of users. We offer the following key benefits for the Automotion and Motor Industry: Complement the customer and prospect profile in the CRM based on the […]

Alcoholic Beverages

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Alcoholic Beverages Xeerpa’s Social Media Profiling allowed us analyse our clients’ interests in different parts of Mexico, detect differences between the consumers of our beer brands. This knowledge helps us segment our audiences and communicate with them in a more personalised and efficient way that results in a higher ROI José Carlos Pérez Treviño, BPM […]

Xeerpa Profile

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Xeerpa Profile Xeerpa Profile compiles all the individual social media information from each one of your fans and customers, synthesized in a single page. The advanced insights based on social media profiling so you can design personalized and segmented marketing strategies and create a truly 360 customer profile in your Social CRM. Differently from other […]

Xeerpa Engagement

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Xeerpa Engagement Xeerpa Engagement is designed to accurately measure the user’s interactions with your content, which will allow brands to calculate the engagement score that each individual has with each of your brands in social media, and reflect this information in the customer profile within your CRM. HOW IT WORKS? 1. Identify the interactions on […]

A recap of the most relevant CRM trends for 2019

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2018 was the year of GDPR, with companies having to work hard in order to accommodate their data collection processes to the new regulations, resulting in more transparency and providing users with a greater control over their own personal information. Last year we were also witnesses of how companies increased their efforts in adopting cutting-edge […]