Webinar LaLiga Tech | Xeerpa: Building the most advanced fan profile

In this online session on how Sports Organizations can build the most advanced 360 view of fans we had the pleasure to have Olivia Archanco, Consumer Strategy Director at LaLiga Tech, together with our Global Partnerships Director and co-founder Andrés Mercader, who shared how sports organizations can build the most advanced fan profile, the Fan Platinum Record, by leveraging the potential Social Media has to offer in terms of the consented collection of First-Party Data, based on each fan’s interactions, as well as how this information serves to enrich the global Data-Mar-Tech ecosystem.

This session covered how to overcome key challenges at Sports Organizations, such as collecting data to enrich the knowledge on fan preferences, the personalization and improved fan experiences and engagement, how to increase revenues through more personalised communications and marketing actions, as well as how to help sponsors obtain a better ROI by identifying more qualified leads.

Don’t miss this webinar where you will find key Best Practises and detailed use cases on how Xeerpa can help you create the most advanced fan view in order to drive increased revenues and engagement through Social Media First-Party Data Enrichment and Profiling.

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