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Xeerpa helps us understand the interests of our fans worldwide far beyond their passion in sports. Now we know their favourite products and brands, which allows us to identify and efficiently negotiate with sponsours.

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Xeerpa helps major sports organisations, fan clubs and sponsours to discover the social universe of their associates, fans and followers, in order to personalise their experiences online and offline, as well as identify partners and sponsours.


Xeerpa offers a series of advantages for: Sports Organisations:

  • Improve segmentation in their CRM, campaign automation manager and ticket sales platforms.
  • Qualify each user with 400+ variables: lifestyle, tastes, interests, favourite brands, locations, interactions, comments…
  • Identify the most influential users and brand advocates/ambassadors within each sports category.
  • Find out which sponsours have more followers and identify new potential sponsours, according to fans’ interests.
  • Discover interesting leads for your sponsours, based on their targets and specific buyer personas.
  • Analyze users’ geolocations in order to find groups that have higher probability to attend an event.
  • Find out favourite athletes and sports for each user to customise experiences based on recommended content, ticket sales and merchandising.
  • Boost fan engagement.
  • Analyse social media interactions and contents (likes, shares, reactions), calculate the engagement score of each user to adapt the content strategy.

Some of our Clients and Sponsors

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