This Guestpost by our partner Genetsis explains the synergie between CIAM DruID and Xeerpa.

Behind every activation or user acquisition campaign a very important question arises… and that is how to optimize the investment?
The evolution data of your campaigns can be a good guide, but in order to have a good CRO, there is something extremely important and that is to know your users, understand what they are looking for and offer it to them.

Identify to gather knowledge, with DruID

The moment when a user signs up, he/she will go from being anonymous to having his/her own identity and therefore sharing their data.

DruID, as an identity manager, allows you to have control over your consumers through the generation of an ID. Associated with that ID we will have all the first party data of the user verified, authenticated and inferred.

Once identified, and thanks to the integration capability of DruID that makes an omni-channel ecosystem. The user will be monitored during its customer journey, allowing to qualify their profile and for sure, generating the necessary knowledge for future campaigns and to promote an optimal CX.


Get a progressive profile of your consumers with Xeerpa

We firmly believe that UX is extremely important and that it is not worth losing users by requesting too much information during registration process, even more, considering functionalities such as progressive data completion.

To guarantee good conversion levels (lead -> user -> potential client -> loyal client) we deployed the Social Login option, which thanks to the native integration that DruID has with Xeerpa, allows us to have access, in real time, to the social profile information, always with the explicit consent of the user and respecting the requirements of the GDPR.

The Social Profiling carried out by Xeerpa is very valuable for determining segments, defining targets, audiences, affinities, lifestyles and consumption habits.

Thanks to the profile analysis carried out by Xeerpa, we can consolidate all the information in a single point. This means the fusion of declared, monitored, inferred and social information (interests, tastes, activity, sharing…) that will enrich the user’s profile, increase our knowledge about the user and associate all the information to a single ID in DruID. The collateral advantages related to agility, reduction in analysis costs, consolidation processes or reduction of the risk of fines, are enormous.

According to statistical reports, 53% of users register through the social buttons. What about the remaining 47%?

For that 47% DruID has developed a configurable module, Consumer DNA, which, through an intelligent question and answer tree, progressively profiles the user, without causing him/her fatigue.

The questions will change based on criteria such as gender, age and previous answers. In addition, its presentation is mobile first and “one click response“, so the response rates are magnificent.

The combination of both capacities allows you to create true 360º profiles, without the need to carry out subsequent processes, laying the foundations for creating segments for your next campaigns, specifying the necessary personalization and the appropriate offers for each target.


Capture and activate efficiently with DruID and Xeerpa

If your idea is to capture leads, and have a communicable database as extensive to impact with your content and / or promotions after, you have the power to win.

The native integration of DruID with Facebook Lead Ads, allows your brand to create as many campaigns as you want and track the number of registrations and leads generated in real time. In addition, at DruID we have managed to radically reduce acquisition costs with the combination of Lead Ads and Custom Audiences.

Also if we consider the additional capabilities of DruID to deploy smart promotions associated with identity through our SPS (Smart Promos Shuttle) module or the ability to generate digital incentives in DruID Rewards, in order to impact identified users, the circle begins to close naturally.


Don’t hesitate. Optimal strategies start with identity:


1 – Identify and capture in a secure and regulated way with DruID

2 – Profile and enhance your profile with DruID DNA + Xeerpa Social Media Profiling.

3 – Activate with your marketing automation tools in combination with DruID activation modules such as: SPS and Rewards.

4 – Get better results and optimize your investments.