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Creating the ideal Buyer Persona profile

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Why do you need a Buyer Persona profile? Every brand has an approximation of its ideal customer, the one more likely to purchase their products. The more precisely defined this persona’s characteristics are, the more effective marketing and sales strategies will be. Defining with precision the most accurate buyer persona will have a great impact […]

A recap of the most relevant CRM trends for 2019

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2018 was the year of GDPR, with companies having to work hard in order to accommodate their data collection processes to the new regulations, resulting in more transparency and providing users with a greater control over their own personal information. Last year we were also witnesses of how companies increased their efforts in adopting cutting-edge […]

Xeerpa Personality Insights: The secret to know your clients

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Xeerpa now includes AI-based Personality Insights analytics, providing a complete analysis of not only the interests, hobbies, favourite products and brands or geo-locations of each user, now combined with an in-depth analysis of her/his personality and consumption preferences, allowing for an even more advanced personalisation in marketing campaigns. Customers are at the center of any […]

Social Profiling in The Tourism Industry: TURESPAÑA Case Study

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These are amazing times for the Tourism Industry in Spain. Our country beat historic record numbers of tourists visiting Spain in 2017. Spain remains the third most visited country in the world, following France and the United States. Our client TURESPAÑA is a governmental agency responsible for creating value for the Tourism Industry; as well […]

Xeerpa wishes you Happy Holidays!

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The Xeerpa team would like to wish you a joyful holiday season and we are happy to share our glad tidings that boost our Christmas spirit even more. This year we started several exciting projects in Latin America and opened new business delegations in Germany and The Netherlands. Moreover, we finished and presented to CDTI, […]

The powerful tool of geolocation for your marketing campaigns

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Without any doubt, the users’ geolocation is one of the most influential factors when talking about trends and vogues. For instance, an affinity report of a company whose users are mostly located in Germany appears different from the one of the UK based targets. During the last few months, many brands have reached us requesting […]

Xeerpa’s new and improved engagement scoring

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In the world of social media marketing, it can be difficult to measure user engagement with your brand in a meaningful way that accounts for not only the quantitative sum of user interactions, but also the qualitative significance of each of these actions.   Thanks to some creative thinking, and some very fancy algorithms, we’ve […]