These are amazing times for the Tourism Industry in Spain. Our country beat historic record numbers of tourists visiting Spain in 2017. Spain remains the third most visited country in the world, following France and the United States.

Our client TURESPAÑA is a governmental agency responsible for creating value for the Tourism Industry; as well as promoting sustainable tourism from an economic, social and cultural point of view. And now, as a result of last year’s fantastic record figures and the FITUR international fair in Madrid, the role of TURESPAÑA becomes more relevant than ever.

TURESPAÑA is committed to remain at the forefront of cutting edge tourism strategy in Spain.  That’s the reason why they engaged Xeerpa for a project aimed to attract prospects with a cosmopolitan tourist profile. This initiative was part of their strategy to promote Spain as tourist destination in countries such as United States, Russia, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

TURESPAÑA’s main interest is focused on innovation systems for digital marketing strategies. And the key goal was creating a perfectly segmented Social CRM. The plan included implementing a social login for Facebook and Twitter and in TURESPAÑA’s websites in several countries, WiFi portals and the promotional website, a raffle specifically designed for the purpose of the campaign.

The target was clear: ‘cosmopolitan’ profiles, 30 to 70 years old, university graduates, with a high purchasing power, urbanites, interested in various cultural experiences, such as art, movies, museums…; and fond of shopping, gastronomy and cities.

By implementing social login in different platforms, thousands of individual profiles were created. Their hobbies, traveling preferences, affinity with tourism-related brands, places visited in the last previous years –revealed by geolocation, and specific cultural parameters were analysed. By doing so, TURESPAÑA could obtained the profiles that best suited their requirements.

After evaluating several tens of thousands of profiles through Xeerpa’s tool, TURESPAÑA was able to differentiate an array of segments according to their interests and postcode. This information contained data about preferences, brand loyalty, traveling behaviour, influence and commitment level. As a result, TURESPAÑA was able to personalize their efforts and develop marketing campaigns targeting micro-segments via email, Facebook Ads and DMP.


Nowadays we are participating in a new TURESPAÑA campaign with even more demanding segmentation criteria. Omar Rois, one of Xeerpa’s co-founders, will be presenting further details in a panel of experts about Innovation in Digital Marketing in the Tourism Industry next Thursday, January 18 at Fitur.

  • Where: TURESPAÑA stand at FITUR (Hall 5, IFEMA)
  • When: Thursday January 18 11.35-12.35

Join us at FITUR and get first-hand insights about this successful case and the latest trends in Digital Marketing Innovation in the tourism industry!