Nervousness with Black Friday’s arrival is one of the most common symptoms for the business managers at e-commerce. This shopping holiday implies facing a vast competence, fighting like a spartan for the bids on AdWords, connecting with the consumers in the right way and, once the drama is done, facing a successful (luckily) order management.

Before this long- awaited date arrives, it is important to keep this one crucial important factor in mind: it is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about your business  and, of course, increase the sales.

Given the indiscriminate bombardment of commercial offers addressed to the public, the only way to stand out among competitors is by targeting messages creatively. For instance, if Eva does not react to the numerous offers of TVs and sound equipment by a local retailer, but she is likely to engage with a deal on a running watch, what if this retailer knew beforehand that Eva has recently joined the runners club?

Taking advantage of the right tools to understand your consumers is crucial when facing these dates. In this respect, the Social Network Profiling technology developed by Xeerpa is the definitive step to discover your customer’s preferences, hobbies and predict their shopping intentions.


They know me so wellthey always know what I need

Create emotional bonds with your potential buyers. Knowing what they like, their wishlist and the things they intend to buy during Black Friday is not a mystery anymore. Point at their most obvious needs through the one-to-one analysis offered by Xeerpa: Alicia is going to purchase a new pair of running shoes,days after posting a photo of the old destroyed ones; Mario will choose a capsule coffee machine to avoid being late to work ; Lidia prefers to start doing some educational Christmas shopping for her kids; and Ramon opts to do his monthly vegan grocery shopping at a more affordable price.


I didnt win this contest, but I have a Black Friday discount

Rule out the “promotioners” and reward your customer’s loyalty with the discounts, coupons and benefits you consider convenient. Take advantage and make agreements with third-parties to gift movie and theater tickets, dinners at restaurants, etc., and discover how they interconnect and the potential they have to share their experiences on social media.


This is my new console, what do you think? #lovegaming

And after Black Friday… It’s time for Cyber Monday! Do your micro-segments based on hashtags and find out which of your products can complement the deals made during Black Friday. For the user  who has just bought a console, use the hashtags #gamers and #lovegaming and follow Rafa Nadal on his social media… ¿What if you invite him to purchase your tennis video game? Cross-matching qualitative data is the best guarantee to getting your offers right.


Madrid during Black Friday? Lets go!

Find out where your users are, through tagged places and the overall geolocation shared on social media. Segment according to interests and develop completely personalized impact techniques. Benefit from all the information provided by the own user, from a like of a spot on the wall of your competition, to a photo in front of their favorite clothing store.


Does anyone know where I can buy Dulceidas earrings?

Imagine being able to obtain data about your user’s preferences and applying them to your programmatic advertising campaigns. Knowing which product they are looking for, not only via their searches through keywords, but also by exploring their last Facebook comments, the influencers or web pages they follow, events they have attended…


I dont care about Black Friday. Id rather shop without pressure

Keep in mind that each consumer is unique and that the important thing is getting to know them, to respond to their wishes. Xeerpa can help you gain customer’s loyalty taking into account their interests and behaviour in line with their lifestyle.