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Discover Microinfluencers and Brand Advocates within your Customers

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From influencers to brand advocates We have been able to observe how advertising a product has changed over time and how traditional media are not the only way to reach the consumer. With the advent of social media, we have witnessed many different innovations in advertising: from reaching the public in real time to emerging […]

The road to a good quality CRM

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Can you trust your CRM data? Do you, by any chance, have quite a few users in your CRM that were born in Afghanistan, on the 1st of January, 1900s? Unless your company is truly based in Afghanistan, you have probably come to the conclusion that users registering in your website are just selecting the […]

What is Social CRM and Why Does Your Company Need It?

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On March 8, Omar Rois, one of the founders of Xeerpa, was at Darwin SocialNoise surrounded by the stunning 19th century walls of their offices. He’d come with one purpose: show his audience the sexy side of the acronym CRM. It’s the side that looks each customer in the eye and wants to offer them […]

The powerful tool of geolocation for your marketing campaigns

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Without any doubt, the users’ geolocation is one of the most influential factors when talking about trends and vogues. For instance, an affinity report of a company whose users are mostly located in Germany appears different from the one of the UK based targets. During the last few months, many brands have reached us requesting […]