It goes without saying that the changing data protection rules have a great impact on marketing, and we totally think the impact is positive! In Xeerpa we neither believe in invasive advertising, nor in commercializing personal data for marketing purposes. Our goal is to help brands change the way they engage with their leads and customers in order to provide them with a better experience and more personalised content.

One of the ways to make sure you are reaching out only to those clients who are willing to receive commercial information is using the so-called Double Opt-In Checkbox .


Nothing but advantages

The Double Opt-In Checkbox implementation is gradually becoming one of the key elements of the usual Sign-Up and Log-In processes. But, what exactly lies behind this term?

It is simple to implement, yet its implications are important: As its name implies, it consists of a two-step sign in or registration; First, it ensures acceptance of the legal disclaimer and the privacy policy of your website or app; and, second, proactive and voluntary request of receiving commercial information from the user.

Your website could go even a bit further: Very much in line with GDPR, in Xeerpa we consider that users should not only be aware of the legal and transactional details, but also of all the data shared with the brand. We do not want our fans and followers to, unconsciously, be captured by the never-ending trap of spam emails. On the contrary, they should be fully aware of what information they are sharing, so they can also expect that personalization of the service, content and communications we would expect from sharing our profile information.


How to implement Double Opt-In

To begin with, the user decides to Log-In using social login through one of the social networks provided by the website or app, such as Facebook. At this stage, Facebook informs the user that the brand is requesting access to certain data from his or her profile, and gives the user an opportunity to select which data to share.

After accepting this request, the user is redirected to the brand’s web page, where the Double Opt-In Checkbox is implemented, enabling the user to accept the brand’s own privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Through this simple and efficient process, we not only comply with the new European normative regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR), but we also obtain a transparent and diligent list of users who voluntarily request receiving commercial information and offers based on data they have decided to provide.


It is time companies start considering the preferences of users in their marketing and advertising procedures, asking for their consent and acting accordingly.


Post by Fernando G. Azpiazu
Fernando is our Support Manager. He is passionate about technology, videogames and unable to work without background music. A gifted writer, he can create an exciting story around both software integration and the latest music festival he attended.