The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be a headache, but it can also become a competitive advantage.

Life won’t be the same after May 25, 2018, at least not for those companies who offer goods or services to EU residents, or process data related to EU residents or have employees in the EU – so, basically, any company with operations within the EU. It’s the end of the (data) world as we know it. GDPR enforces that users remain in control of the personal data they share with companies.


Xeerpa is one of the first CIAM European companies to comply with GDPR


Complying with GDPR has become a real headache for some companies. But, there’s an easy way to master this challenge: find a GDPR-ready partner. Xeerpa is one of the first CIAM European companies to introduce GDPR compliance: we are ready to implement strategies and measures in compliance with the new regulations, including those related with data security, hosting and data processing.


 At Xeerpa we are fully committed to being the Data Protection Partner for all our customers


How we can help you

At Xeerpa we are fully committed to being the Data Protection Partner for all our customers. By providing our clients with the most detailed social user database we offer a better data control to all individuals and let them still benefit from getting the most personalized contents.

We have a unique approach. With Xeerpa, you have total control over the informative screens on which end users manage their corresponding  data.

This means you can gather customer consent and add progressive permissions as the user explicitly consents to share their personal data with you. We have created easy data record access mechanisms which allows verification of  the integrity of the personal data stored, being able to access it or delete upon the user’s request.


 We have a unique approach that allows you to have total control


We are able to block specific data from specific users depending on their access level, as well as transform personal data into anonymous information when required. We can prevent the storage of data from users of a certain age and even store metadata as proof of consent from users.

Finally, we offer several options of hosting locations for the personal data, including servers in the EU and America which allow you to keep international data transfers under your control, in compliance with the new regulation.

Specifically regarding Facebook, we can provide automatic account deletion and automatic account updates, that help you manage all this information without human intervention.


Xeerpa and ISO 27001 Certification


Last but not least, Xeerpa has successfully received ISO 27001, the most internationally recognised certification in data security.


Count on us not only to guide you on how to comply with GDPR, but to turn it into your competitive advantage by creating a better user experience and getting the most from all collected data.


Download Xeerpa GDPR Guidelines