Xeerpa offers key benefits for the Restaurant Business:

  • Analyse the preferred food & beverages brands and products of fans and customers
  • Identify restaurants and places where they Check-In
  • Understand the contents they prefer based on their individual interests
  • Identify Top Influencers and Brand Ambassadors
  • Improve segmentation in your CRM, Campaign Manager and DMP
  • Impact users that have engaged with specific posts or products
  • Personalise messages and offers through your Wi-Fi Hotspots

In Rodilla the customer focus and one-to-one marketing have been our credo since almost 80 years now. The times have changed now and Xeerpa allows us to have a broader perspective of our clients (both in-store, thanks to Social WiFi, and beyond), have a two-way conversation with them and personalize our messages on Social Media. Undoubtfully, Xeerpa will also help us improve our conversion rates.

Angel Fernández Nieto, Business Development & Marketing Director – Grupo Rodilla

Our clients:

El Comidista