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Social Profiling Case Study: How CANAL+ improves the return of their campaigns with Social Profiling

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Marketing actions targeting Real Madrid and FC Barcelona fans CANAL+ has always based their marketing strategies on customer knowledge and understanding. The frequent direct marketing segmentation campaigns that their team launches to customers from their CRM are always carefully done. For this test, we wanted to measure how much more efficient would these campaigns be […]

6 reasons to complement your CRM with social media data

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You have probably put a lot of effort and spent money in growing your community of fans in Facebook. You also probably think it is now time to see the real benefits of that. One of the ways to achieve this is to have your fans interact with your apps and contents and, through this, […]

Xeerpa’s 36 Interest categories

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When we use Facebook we are constantly generating information that is stored with our profiles. Information such as our interests, products and brands we follow, locations where we move about, our social connections… Everytime we click on “Like” or share some content with friends, this also generates information about us. The social networks are the […]