Marketing actions targeting Real Madrid and FC Barcelona fans

CANAL+ has always based their marketing strategies on customer knowledge and understanding. The frequent direct marketing segmentation campaigns that their team launches to customers from their CRM are always carefully done. For this test, we wanted to measure how much more efficient would these campaigns be by improving accuracy selecting targets based on the social data provided by Xeerpa.

The social profiles were analysed by connecting Xeerpa to a Facebook promo launched at Canal+ fanpage, targeting customers and prospects. There were several give-aways, motivating CANAL+ customers to identify themselves as such with their id through a form. Doing this it was possible to match their data with their purchasing and behaviour history stored in the CRM.

Different campaigns targeting these customers were launched, comparing their results to similar users from a control group, also interested in similar products but whose social profile was unknown. Analysing their social profiles we could identify Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and NBA fans, as well as cinema lovers. The test proved that this type of marketing actions through emailing and Facebook Custom Audiences are much more efficient when they are based on social data in order to select the targets.

Xeerpa CanalPlus Case Study

Post by Omar
Omar is one of Xeerpa’s cofounders. With a serious passion for digital marketing, if he’s not in the office he’s riding around Madrid on his bike.