You have probably put a lot of effort and spent money in growing your community of fans in Facebook. You also probably think it is now time to see the real benefits of that. One of the ways to achieve this is to have your fans interact with your apps and contents and, through this, obtain valuable data and insights to feed your CRM. But why is it really that important? Here are 6 good reasons:

1. Social Media is the fastest growing source of information about your customers: The transactional data you collect from your activity (sales, help desk, customer online behaviour, product cycles…) is very valuable, but your customers and prospects are also generating very rich and valuable data in the social network profiles, through their posts and comments, activity, friends, browsing… It hasn’t been possible to easily compile it and analyse it. Until now.

2. Detect your Top Influencers and Brand Ambassadors, people with many friends and connections in Facebook or followers in Twitter, generating lots of activity and response to it. Focus your marketing actions on these profiles to amplify your communications to a much wider audience.

3. Find out what they say about your brand: How much and how they interact with your page and contents, how frequently they share your content with their friends. Being able to acknowledge your customers’ engagement with your brand will surely have an impact on how you plan your campaigns.

4. Do you know what they are really interested in? Analysing the products and brands they like in Facebook or who they follow on Twitter you will know whether they are into Sports, Music, Fashion… The information marketers always wanted to have is now at your fingertips.

5. Be more precise in your marketing actions, incrementing their ROI and boosting customer experience through personalising your communications.

6. Improve your Client Value calculations as well as their potential value to your business with their social influence and engagement scores, calculated from data collected from the social network profiles.


In Xeerpa, we believe in a future where brands and customers share personalised experiences. And this is only possible through a better understanding of your own customers. Make the most of your campaigns in Facebook and connect your mobile apps and websites to the social networks to acquire this richer and more advanced knowledge of your customers and prospects; the results are spectacular.

Post by Omar
Omar is one of Xeerpa’s cofounders. With a serious passion for digital marketing, if he’s not in the office he’s riding around Madrid on his bike.