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What is Social CRM and Why Does Your Company Need It?

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On March 8, Omar Rois, one of the founders of Xeerpa, was at Darwin SocialNoise surrounded by the stunning 19th century walls of their offices. He’d come with one purpose: show his audience the sexy side of the acronym CRM. It’s the side that looks each customer in the eye and wants to offer them […]

FITUR 2018: Innovation in Digital Marketing in tourism industry

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FITUR 2018 just closed and the tourism industry turned out in Madrid for the week-long event. Everyone who’s anyone in tourism was there and those of us helping tourism along, like Xeerpa, connecting you with your users and helping you know more about them, were too. It is nice when the world comes to you […]

CRM Trends for 2018

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Last year was full of milestones reached and new challenges for Xeerpa. We’ve been looking forward to the new year for the company and for the entire industry we work in. Something we’ve learned thanks to our work is that it’s the little things that can make the difference. We do our best to do […]

Social Profiling in The Tourism Industry: TURESPAÑA Case Study

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These are amazing times for the Tourism Industry in Spain. Our country beat historic record numbers of tourists visiting Spain in 2017. Spain remains the third most visited country in the world, following France and the United States. Our client TURESPAÑA is a governmental agency responsible for creating value for the Tourism Industry; as well […]