Xeerpa Connect

Xeerpa Connect

Social Media is the modern and most popular communications channel, therefore the information we obtain through Social Login is very important when creating a communications strategy.

Today, most customers (83%) like to be recognized when visiting their regular websites. Add the fact that the majority of users sign in to a website from different platforms (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.) Social Login represents a great advantage in the registration process. It’s main advantage is that users wouldn’t need to fill boring registration forms, which are cumbersome on mobile devices, as well as not having to remember their password.

For any major B2C brand, Social Login is a the best way to take advantage of Social Media wealth of information in order to know your audience better.

In Xeerpa we help you implement Social Login if you still don’t have it on your Website as well as on other platforms such as App, Promotional landing page, or Wi-Fi hubspot, using our Xeerpa Connect plugin. Xeerpa Connect can be easily implemented to offer your users the possibility to register or login on your website and apps using their Social Media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.

If you already have Social Login, Xeerpa helps you upgrade it, so you learn more useful information about your users, while integrating our API to create complete user profiles complete user profiles.


Social Media like Facebook offers basic Social Login, which only allows limited information to be shared such as user name and email address. Xeerpa helps you achieve Social Media standardization on your website or App. With a bit of customization, so your Social Login will be upgrated to 2.0 so you are able to ask your users to share their profile information like geo-location, age, date of birth, interests, likes, likes on S.M., posts, followed brands and affinities, always under GDPR guidelines.

Social Login 2.0

That way, you will not only respect current GDPR regulation, but you will offer users a more personalized experiences with your brand.

From a technical point of view, the big advantage of using Xeerpa Connect, is that you wouldn’t have to worry about working directly with social media APIs. Xeerpa does all the work, keeps up to date, so you can offer to your users, content and experiences with a positive impact on your business.


Xeerpa achieves the most complete and advanced social media profile for each individual user, while also giving you a tool to find the biggest influencer or most engaged user. It also gives you information to help you create great personalized marketing campaigns.

Xeerpa Profile

Combine in real time, the transactional data from your clients with information they share on Social Media, and you get this amazing solution to personalize your campaigns and increase your Return on Inverstment.

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