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How Xeerpa and Qualifio help collect data using interactive campaigns

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Our clients can leverage all digital channels to incorporate Social Login 2.0: their Websites, e-commerce, mobile Apps, WiFi hotspots and promotional campaigns. Interactive marketing campaigns online have proven to be very efficient to both capture new leads and obtain additional information on clients that are already in your CRM.   Xeerpa analyses users’ social media activity […]

First Party Data is Gaining Ground to Third Party Data

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Will the New 20s be the End of Third Party Data? Google marks the beginning of the twenties by announcing that they will limit and progressively reduce the use of third party cookies in the following years. What does it mean that Chrome, the most used browser in the world is taking this leap? Do […]

Main CRM 2020 Trends

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Back in the 2000, 20 years ago, companies relied on one or two ways to contact their customers (brick & mortar stores; Customer Call Center). Traditional CRM gave us a way to manage those customers. In the following decade (2010), many more channels emerged through digital media (web sites, apps, social media networks,…) adding a […]