Xeerpa & Cool-Tabs: The complete marketing solution for Facebook social login

Using Xeerpa has never been easier

We want to make things easy, so today we bring you a new option so you can start using Xeerpa straight away. Our platform is now integrated with our friends from Cool-Tabs, who make it really easy to create and publish apps and promos with Facebook social login. At the click of a button you now have at your disposal a complete marketing solution covering the whole cycle: from Attracting fans to your community to Contacting them to turning them into customers.

If your business has a Facebook fan page, you probably already know of certain tools that allow you to launch apps and promos to attract your fans and energise your  community. Typically these tools are very intuitive and, at a very low cost, let you launch your campaigns in Facebook with ease.


Turning your fans into customers

Imagine Lisa is the Community Manager of your company or agency. When publishing an app, she has at least these two very clear goals in mind:

  • 1- Attract new fans
  • 2- Generate engagement with the existing fans

Although these two goals are very valuable, Lisa’s Marketing Director is aiming higher and would like to convert those fans into customers. At the end of the day, fan conversion into customers is key to achieve an increase in sales. And precisely here is where Xeerpa’s facebook social login excels, helping Lisa:

  • 3- Create a complete database with the participants that use the app
  • 4- Analyse their individual profiles, understanding their interests and identifying those who are most valuable to the company
  • 5- Targeting them with personalised marketing campaigns by email, mobile or through Facebook Ads, based on their preferences


At the click of a button

The process of connecting Xeerpa to a Facebook social login app like Lisa’s is now even easier. Lisa can now conect her company’s apps from one of the most popular apps provider, Cool-Tabs, simply by selecting Xeerpa at Cool-Tab’s White Label promo form. As soon as she publishes her app, Lisa will have access to Xeerpa Dashboards where she will discover the full individual profile and interests of her brand’s fans. She will be able to select groups of fans based on their social data and create targets for her next campaigns by email or Facebook Custom Audiences.

And this is just the beginning. As soon as the fans database grows, it can be synchronised with the CRM, completing a full 360º view of each customer with their social profiles.

It’s never been easier. If you are the Community Manager at your company or agency, try Xeerpa Express completely free for one month. and if you are a Marketing Director, ask your community or social media manager to connect your next app to Xeerpa, don’t miss the opportunity.

Post by Omar
Omar is one of Xeerpa’s cofounders. With a serious passion for digital marketing, if he’s not in the office he’s riding around Madrid on his bike.