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In this space we’ll talk about those things we know the most about: CRM and social media data, or “Customer Insights“, the knowledge about the person who purchases your products or consume your services.

It’s been a while since we started working on pioneer CRM projects, but it seems like the real tsunami is happening now in the marketing industry and so we think Xeerpa comes in at the right time, to take advantage of this great opportunity. Xeerpa is Big Data technology that creates individual profiles of a brand’s fans in social networks, analysing the data that they share about themselves.

Why has everything suddenly changed? These days valuable data about our customers is not just in our CRM or corporate databases; there are new and exciting external sources with new sets of data that marketers haven’t been able to analyse. Until now.

Today, social networks are one of the biggest insights generator available: they contain our customers’ interests, their friends and social activity, hobbies, brands and products that they follow, places they visit… Can you imagine if you were able to access all this information, already filtered and structured so you can easily make the most of it, targeting the correct set of fans in order to personalise your marketing actions? This is exactly what Xeerpa does: CRM and social media data.

We believe that in the near future both brands and customers will share personal experiences. Companies will know each of their customers and will hold conversations with them on a one-to-one basis. And customers will entrust their information to them if companies protect this information and approach them with personal and intelligent communications.

Who doesn’t like Amazon’s “You may be interested in these products…” No doubt sooner or later both large and small companies will be providing these types of services.

This blog will talk about relational marketing and about how we can take advantage of these great opportunities that the social networks are offering today, so you can gather a deeper knowledge about your own customers.

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The team at Xeerpa

Post by Omar
Omar is one of Xeerpa’s cofounders. With a serious passion for digital marketing, if he’s not in the office he’s riding around Madrid on his bike.