Valentine’s Day is always special occasion to show your better half how much they really mean to you. Everybody knows that a great gift is one you heard the person say they wanted, weeks ago, months ago, one you jotted it down in your head, filed safely away, pulled out when the time came, and got for Valentine’s Day. It’s all about listening closely and showing you care by spending the time and energy on not forgetting. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time though and even worse, what if they never hinted they wanted anything?


Xeerpa is good at picking up on the little hints and we’re collecting data all the time. We do all the research for you and keep it all neatly stored away for whenever you want to call on it. When customers use social login on your site, they accept transferring some of their information to you. Xeerpa takes it from there and does an in-depth analysis of that data, pulling information on where they’ve been, what they like, how much they like things (their enthusiasm or engagement), what categories they’re heavy users of, and more. You don’t even have to remember the vacation spot they went to and absolutely loved last year or that they adore everything that particular brand posts: Xeerpa will remember it for you.


We can help you tailor your customer’s experience to their personal preferences. Xeerpa can show their client that many of their most engaged customers like M&Ms. Just a tidbit of information but maybe a powerful tool to show how much you care and how well you treat those you have a relationship with. How might Meliá hotels increase loyalty? Show its sincere commitment to this relationship and that they really are listening when their customers talk? How about free M&Ms in every room? Say Mahou beers see that many of their consumers love their beer for everyday occasion but are also attracted to craft beers on special ones. It might be worth their while to expand in that direction, leveraging on customers they already have but opening up into new business lines.


Brands often have a rather distant relationship with their customers: they go about their business, ignoring what their potential or actual customers really like and want. Just like in a relationship, customers hate that just like your partner would. Nobody wants to be ignored or made to feel like what they do and see and experience is unimportant. Xeerpa can help brands adapt their communications, their content, their campaigns to show the customers they have or the customers they want they care by speaking directly to them and their desires.


Xeerpa can keep the love alive or help you win over a new interest. Showing your love is all about paying attention and we do our best to keep you in the loop.