Xeerpa has grown a lot over the last 4 years and our clients’ needs have changed considerably; so, we decided to go back to the drawing board to overhaul our interest categories methodology to allow for greater agility.

Presenting expanded Xeerpa interest categories

Our new taxonomy easily adapts to emerging social trends and interests allowing you to continually refine your content marketing strategy by making your communications ever more pointed and personalized.


There are now 32 interest categories ranging from “Food” and “Fashion” to “Sports” and “Professional Services”. We’ve combed through each of these interest category to identify over 200 sub-categories. With more specific sub-categories, you can now build more precise user segments by diving deeper into the core interests of your target group. So, instead of just targeting dessert lovers, be even more specific by targeting ice cream lovers.


Let’s say, for example, the World Cup is coming up and you’re interested in launching a promotion directed at football fans. You can identify users within your database with exceptionally high levels of interaction with football-related content and communities, thus qualifying them as “Football Lovers”, in just one click. We’re always expanding and creating new categories and sub-categories, so we’re always listening for suggestions on which new ones we should be tracking.

Post by Kyle
Kyle is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Xeerpa. He’s a total marketing automation nerd and believes that the future belongs to those who embrace Beyoncé’s love. To know thy inner Beyoncé is to know thyself.