Why Buyer Persona is Important in Marketing Alcoholic Beverages?

It goes wihout saying that beer, wine and liquor companies belong to a highly regulated industry.  Their marketeers are getting really creative to reach their target audience: from sponsouring sport events and music festivals, to engaging influencers and investing into social campaigns. Despite of the legal challenges, many companies are exploring online sales channels and direct delivery. In this post we’ll analyse why and how create a buyer persona for alcoholic beverages brands.


Market leaders that are using social media to boost consumer engagement are using different approaches to differentiate from their competitors. From associating with a lifestyle (like Bacardi), doing “takovers” with brand ambassadors (like Budweiser) to adjusting image to their audience (Pabst Blue Ribbon). (Source: 7 Alcohol Brands That Win At Social Media por @locowise)


Whichever is the chosen strategy, companies are hungry for consumer data. Designing buyer persona nowadays is a must for any brand that pretends to perform precise marketing actions. Buyer persona identifies your most likely customers, helps you find them and personalise your communications towards them so they convert into happy clients.

Social Media Profiling as a Tool to Create Buyer Persona for Alcoholic Beverages

Social Media Profiling is an innovative technology that helps turn big data associated to users activities on social media, such as likes, comments, reactions and geolocations, among others, into actionable marketing intelligence. It makes possible to build and analyze both individual user profiles and advanced segments on micro and macrolevel, applying a great variety of filters. Based of these analytics, brands can creating a highly precise buyer persona for each of their products and markets, taking into consideration:

– The demographic data of their users (age, sex, family, location, etc.)

– What is it they like to do during their free time (hobbies, passions, activities, etc.)

– Which alcoholic beverages brands follow on social media, even competitors!

– Sports they like, favourite teams and sportsmen.

– Favourite music genres, singers, groups and festivals.

– How much interested they are in other stuff such as fashion, technology, environment, healthy eating, etc.

– Whether they like to travel and where to, what type of places they visit and their favourite activities (do sightseeing, go to the beach, etc.)

– Their personality treats; what they need and value.

– Favourite retailers, restaurants, bars and pubs.

These are just some of the numerous characteristics included into a 360 º profile for each one of your buyer personas, designed considering first-party data analytics of real consumers.

Build your Buyers Personas Based on Real Customer Data

For example, let’s create a male buyer persona for your beer brand – Daniel. He is 35 years old, lives and works in Mexico DF and loves rock music festivals.

We can figure out that Daniel is a beer lover and likes brands, such as Corona, Modelo, Heineken, Stella Artois and Budweiser. He enjoys coffee and energy drinks too. At his leisure time, he watches football games with his friends at home and plays video games. Daniel follows indie music festivals. He is a curious person, a bit emotional and prone to stress.

Another buyer persona – David – is also 35 years old and also lives in Mexico D.F. He is also a beer lover. However, he prefers jazz and rock music, drinks whiskey rather than tequila and he is a big fan of baseball and boxing. He is a fan of TV series and goes to the movies on weekends. David is very active on Social Media and has mentioned one of your brands in the past.

As a marketeer, you might be interested in sponsouring the next football match of your Buyer Persona’s favourite team. Or a music festival featuring the top band of your most engaged users. You could also find their preferred channels to watch content online and advertise there. Or identify microinfuencers or brand ambassadors that would best reach your target audience…

Artificial Intelligence and the Psychological Profile of your Buyer Persona

In Xeerpa we go beyond and analyse consumers’ personality traits, values and psychologic needs, based on their posts and comments on Social Media. By applying semantic analysis developed by IBM Watson, we can find out if a person is more intra- or extravertive, impulsive or precautious, quiet or adventurous. Thus, a brand may personalise the tone of communication to their buyer personas that share interests but have different personalities.

There are a lot of ways a brand can activate data-driven market intelligence, personalising campaigns for your carefully designed buyer personas, and benefit from a better ROI and more loyal customers.


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